Automated document forensics with ICO.Fraud

Detect counterfeit documents fully automatically and in real time - thanks to smart vision technology and cognitive automation.

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Detect document forgeries automatically

  • Better hit rates through the use of image information

  • Fully automated processing of documents without prior matching of samples

  • Real-time analysis of incoming documents enables fraud protection instead of after-the-fact fraud detection

  • Privacy compliant

  • Can be deployed independently on premise or flexibly as a SaaS solution

  • Searchability of all processed documents


Private health insurance

Check invoices of service providers for authenticity


Verification of documents in loan application process

Liability and household insurance

Verify submitted invoices and purchase receipts for authenticity and subsequent changes.

Customs and tax authorities

Verification of commercial invoices, certificates of origin, freight documents - also mobile via smartphone

Welfare providers

Prevent social benefit fraud involving forged documents

Prerequisites for the application of ICO.Fraud

  • Documents are available in digital form (PDF, scan or smartphone photo, min. 150dpi).

  • These are documents that contain mainly printed text.

  • On Premise: At least 10,000 documents per day or a document volume of >1 million should be processed.

  • Several documents of the same issuer (doctor, retailer or similar) are available.

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