Smart detection of counterfeit documents

Using document forensics and machine learning, our solutions detect fraudulent receipts before they are paid out.

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Automated document processing helps large companies such as banks and insurance companies to work cost-efficiently. But fraudsters are exploiting these processing channels with increasing frequency. This results in annual losses of around 5 billion EUR for policyholders in Germany.

Our technology closes the gap and automates document authentication with a completely new approach: document forensics is the unique combination of smart vision algorithms and cognitive automation. It acts like a human being when checking the authenticity of documents and alerts our customers to forgeries in real time.

Fraud Prevention mit ICO.Fraud

Fraud detection in real-time

Our A.I. detects counterfeits even before you initiate a payout or business process.

Better hit ratios

ICO.Fraud uses about 100 times more information per document than previous fraud detection solutions and can therefore distinguish between original and counterfeit better than a human.

Fully automatic

Thanks to cognitive automation, no user intervention is required in the processing procedure. Your employees can concentrate fully on checking suspicious cases.

On Premise or Cloud

ICO.Fraud can be deployed scalably and with low implementation effort as SaaS or independently and privacy-friendly in the company's own data center.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Jena.

ICO-LUX is a young start-up based in Jena. The technology-driven spin-off of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena consists of experts in the fields of A.I. and Machine Learning, Computer Vision as well as Insurance Fraud. Our mission is to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, scammers and fraudsters - so that the efficiency gains of digitalization are not lost to fraudsters.

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